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Angels We Have Heard On High

Nhạc sỹ:
Ca sỹ: Various Artists
Thể loại: Nhạc tổng hợp
Ngày đăng: 01/01/1970
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Various Artists

Thay đổi Tone
Capo 4

C              G7       C
Angels we have heard on high
G7      C            G7  C
Sweetly singing o'er the plains
                  G7 C
And the mountains in reply,
G7     C      G7     C
Echoing their joyous strains

    _A7_Dm_G7_C_F__G7_____  _
Glor                      ri  a
C  G7 C F   C  G7
In excelsis de o
    _A7_Dm_G7_C_F__G7_____  _
Glor                      ri  a
C  G7 C F   C  _G7 C
In excelsis de    o

Shepherds, why this jubilee

Why yours joyous strains prolong?

What the gladsome tidings be

Which inspire your heavenly song?


Come to Bethlehem and see

Him whose birth the angels Sing

Come, adore on bended knee

Christ, the Lord, the newborn King